Falls and Near Falls Can Cause Lingering Problems

I grew up in the Toronto area and then went to school in Kingston before settling in Ottawa. When I moved here to begin my career, everyone was going on about how cold it is. I remember thinking, “How bad can it be? It’s not that far from Kingston.” Obviously meteorology and weather patterns are… Read More ❱

The Year of Me

As I read the header on this blog post I think how it completely goes against the grain for a mother of two small children. Me? Who the heck is that? But I have somehow managed to make some decisions and do some things in 2017 that have really been all about me. Ironically it… Read More ❱

Seven Pains You do not Have to Put Up With

  So often in my practice I see people who have been suffering in one way or another for a very long time. A lot of times they have been to other health care practitioners with minimal results, and so they have just resigned themselves to living with pain, discomfort, and limited function. When I… Read More ❱

The Benefits of Free Play for Children

Spoiler alert – I am about to seriously date myself. I grew up in the day when we came home from school, got into our play clothes, and disappeared out into the street. At supper time mom would throw open the door and holler for us to come and eat. The message was relayed from… Read More ❱

Torticollis is More than just a Neck Problem

The door opens and in walks a new mother lugging her baby bucket car seat. Her facial expression is a mixture of exhaustion, bliss, and concern. While her baby has been born healthy, he has torticollis. The doctor has told her that the physiotherapist will show her how to stretch her baby’s tight neck, which… Read More ❱

Recurrent Injury is no Accident

“I Just Have Weak Ankles” “I just have weak ankles. I think I was born that way.” If I had a loonie for every time I’ve heard that statement I could go out for a really nice dinner. I would choose a trendy gastropub-like restaurant, invite everyone who has ever made this statement to join… Read More ❱

Why One-on-one Yoga May Be Just the Thing For You

private yoga

Visualize this scenario: You’ve just come home from your doctor/physiotherapist/chiropractor/massage therapist (gosh you have a large armory of health care professionals on your team! – GO YOU!), where they suggested that you try yoga. Not only do they think yoga will help you reach your health and wellness goals, they know it will make their treatments… Read More ❱

My Summer of Saying Yes

I am someone who generally thrives on routine. Being an extrovert I sometimes find this a bit odd, but routine makes me comfortable. Other than vacation, summer weekends are usually spent hanging around at parks and museums with the kids and filling up the kiddy pool. This summer we decided to throw routine to the… Read More ❱

When to Seek Physiotherapy Treatment for Children – The Cringe Test

It’s a beautiful Thursday evening and you are watching your son play soccer. The game is going well when suddenly he goes flying. A badly timed slide tackle has caught his foot while he was in full flight and he has gone down hard. You and the other parents suck in a collective gasp and… Read More ❱

Fighting the Tide

Swastika bearing white supremacists march openly through the streets killing an innocent defender of human rights and beating a black man with sticks. Their country’s leader justifies their actions.  Even seemingly less extreme caucasians are offended by this commercial saying things aren’t really all that bad and they shouldn’t be vilified in such a way.  People call… Read More ❱


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