Injury Prevention

Falls and Near Falls Can Cause Lingering Problems

I grew up in the Toronto area and then went to school in Kingston before settling in Ottawa. When I moved here to begin my career, everyone was going on about how cold it is. I remember thinking, “How bad can it be? It’s not that far from Kingston.” Obviously meteorology and weather patterns are […] Read More ❱

Spring Tune-Ups for Injury Prevention

Now that the snow has finally melted around here, a new season of sporting activities is beginning. If you are about to start a sport, especially if it is something you have never done before, injury prevention should be something that is on your mind.   A lot of sports injuries occur at the beginning of […] Read More ❱

I’m All Thumbs and They Hurt!

Thumbs are the kind of body part we never think about until something goes wrong. If you have ever hurt your thumb, you realize that we use them to do absolutely everything. They are, after all, one of the main features that separates us from other forms of life. There is in fact a reason […] Read More ❱

Who Says Moms don’t do Heavy Lifting?

When my daughter was born she was 22 inches long. Nearly two feet. How does that fit in there? My son wasn’t quite so long but was nine pounds and three ounces. Both long babies and heavy babies present unique challenges. For instance, it can be difficult to find a way to support the body […] Read More ❱

The Importance of Stability

Some years ago I was watching the women’s giant slalom event at the winter Olympics. That particular day conditions were quite icy and there had been some talk of rescheduling the event. In the end they did, but not before several competitors fell. Big time. As in cartoon character snowball head over heels big time. […] Read More ❱

Acute Back Injuries are Avoidable

“I just bent over to pick up my sock off the floor and I couldn’t straighten up. I’ve been in excruciating back pain since.” A lot of us know someone with a similar story. Of course, picking up a sock off the floor doesn’t cause a severe injury. It’s just the straw that broke the […] Read More ❱

Starting a New Activity? Get a Tune-up First!

I once had a very athletic client who loved all different kinds of sports. He was a very adventurous sort and would try anything. He was also an all or nothing kind of guy. When he started something new he went whole hog. When he called to book an appointment with me I would ask […] Read More ❱


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