Why Choose Us?

We have developed our own unique approach to physiotherapy that incorporates three main elements to treat the root cause of your symptoms:
Movement – Alignment – Performance

Our Approach

The hip bone is connected to the shoulder bone. Really it is.

Your entire body is connected head to toe by a matrix of tissue that supports and holds muscles and organs in place. Because of this, a problem in one area can produce symptoms in a very distant area. Our approach to seeing the body as a whole is what sets us apart. In our experience the painful area is generally not the problem, and so treating just this area will likely only provide temporary relief. This is treating the symptoms, and not addressing the underlying problem. We often see clients who have had the symptomatic area treated repeatedly without success. Following our assessment, attention is often drawn to another area of the body for which the symptomatic area is merely compensating. Treating the real problem area relieves the symptoms permanently, allowing you to get back to doing the things you love.

For example, we have seen many runners who suffer from shin splints. This is a painful inflammation in the muscles in the front of the lower leg. This is often treated with ice, ultrasound, and stretching of the painful muscles, but does it make sense just to treat the overworking shin muscles without questioning why they are overworking in the first place? In these cases we almost always find that the gluteal muscles (in the buttocks), which are big powerful muscles meant to drive you forward as you run, aren’t working properly. It is only through getting better activity in the gluteal muscles that the pain in the small and not so powerful shin muscles will be resolved permanently.

If you have a nagging injury that has not resolved with previous treatment aimed at the painful area, now you know why. We can help.

The M.A.P. Approach

Our approach developed from a general dissatisfaction with traditional physiotherapy treatment methods, which focus too narrowly on one area of the body. After repeatedly and frustratingly hearing people say “physiotherapy didn’t help me”, we knew there had to be a different way so we set out to find it.


We provide a full body assessment and analysis of the patterns in which people move. We then focus on the true underlying cause of inefficient movement patterns and address these areas. For example, pain can sometimes be caused by overly tight muscles. However, the reason one muscle is too tight is because another muscle isn’t doing its job and the tight one is just trying to overcompensate. Simply releasing the tight muscle will provide temporary relief, but the pain will return unless the underactive area is addressed.


In order to move efficiently we need to start from a posture that allows the muscles to work optimally. We perform a detailed analysis of how parts of the body are aligned in relation to one another. Poor alignment causes stress on joints and soft tissues and may result in pain. We work through hands-on treatment to restore symmetry and therefore better balance in the body. This in turn allows you to move with greater ease and coordination.


When more fluid efficient movement is achieved on the basis of optimal body alignment, we are able to function better without causing stress to joints and muscles. This assists in the prevention of injuries and allows you to achieve your goals and to maximize your performance at any level. For some this may mean being able to get out of a chair more easily. For others this may mean taking five minutes off a 10km race.

We Can Help

We treat many types of injuries and conditions. To learn more about our service offerings please visit our services page.


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